Boyah Shop is pleased to announce the launching of K-Pop Mass Order!

A member of one of the biggest fan club of K-pop group has joined us! She is a vital member of the fan club community and is an expert at handling bulk orders of K-pop albums and goods. We were aware of the fact that many international K-pop fan clubs and communities have trouble carrying out bulk orders and group purchases due to the language barrier. So, we wanted to provide a service to help out those communities.

We can order albums for a group or an individual from record companies like Synnara and we can also order any goods sold by any Korean entertainment companies. For example, SM goods from SM Town at COEX  Artium. 

There is no minimum nor maximum order requirements but mass order albums should preferably be over 200 albums in order to get a discount.

For further inquiries for anything related to K-pop goods and albums, please feel free to contact us.



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